About us

Our ambition is to help pets to a better life. It isn’t always a straight road. But in cooporation with the owners we always do our very best to find the right solution to achieve the goal.

The clinic is owned and run by Geneviève. She is a vivid animal lover who sets their wellbeing before bureaucracy and paperwork. Something instantly noticeable when entering the clinic with a pet.

Geneviève is graduated from Den Kongelige Veterinær- og Landbohøjskole, KVL. Now known as LIFE.


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday

Geneviève is a Danish educated veterinarian, but was born and raised in France, close to Paris.
With her colourful and enthusiastic personality, she fits Værnedamsvej perfectly.

When she is not in the clinic, she is doing everything she can to help the suffering animals around the world. That's why she started the Association "Save the street dog", who travels several times a year to the world's trouble spots for dogs and cats to help them..

It is quite obvious that Geneviève is driven by her passion for the animals ' well-being. She is particularly interested in refining the art of surgery. And always strive to do better. She is very dedicated and takes pride in learning advanced techniques that can make the results even better.

Michael is our sweet nurse who dedicated and professionally take care of all animals at the clinic.
During operations or treatments, he keeps a keen eye on anesthesia and also provides oxygen therapy to give the best conditions for a quick recovery.

Through his time at the clinic, Michael has been on numerous courses, among other things, in anesthesia, acute patients and skin disorders with dogs and cats.