Prisliste for de mest gængse ydelser. For andre ydelser kontakt os venligst. Price list for the most common services. For other services please contact us. Scroll down for English text. Liste de prix pour les services les plus courants. Pour d’autres services, veuillez nous contacter. Faites défiler vers le bas pour le texte français.

Priser hund

Konsultation 580kr

Hjemme konsultation 1550kr

Vaccination inkl. sundhedscheck og vaccin 630kr

Pas udstedelse 410kr

Hjemme vaccination 1630 kr

Negleklip 180 kr

Tandrens ukompliceret inkl. bedøvelse 1400kr

Sterilisation (ovariohysterektomi) fra 3500kr

Kastration fra 1800kr

Aflivning fra 1050kr

Hjemme aflivning fra 2050kr

Kremering fra 490kr

Røngten undersøgelse fra 2500kr

Vi oplyser meget gerne flere priser over telefonen


Fees for dogs

Consultation 580kr

Home consultation 1550kr

Vaccination incl. health check and vaccine 630kr

Passport issue 410kr

Home vaccination 1630 kr

Nail trimming 180 kr

Descaling of teeth incl. anesthesia 1400kr

Spay (ovariohysterectomy) from 3500kr

Castration from 1800kr

Euthanasia from 1050kr

Home euthanasia from 2050kr

Cremation fee from 490kr

X-ray examination from 2500kr

You are welcome to call us for further information


Honoraires chien

Consultation 580kr

Consultation à domicile 1550kr

Vaccination avec un examen de santé et le vaccin 630kr

Passeport 410kr

Vaccination à domicile 1630 kr

Coupe des griffes 180 kr

Détartrage des dents en anesthésie 1400kr

Sterilisation (ovariohysterectomie) à partir de 3500kr

Castration à partir de 1800kr

Euthanasie à partir de 1050kr

Euthanasie à domicile à partir de 2050kr

Crémation à partir de 490 kr

Examen de rayons X à partir de 2500kr

Nous serons heureux de répondre à vos questions au téléphone

All prices are subject to change and may vary after circumstances. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

When we are trimming nails, we do it with out sedating the pet. Simply because it’s a painless procedure.
To ensure that the treatment is safe and quick, our nurse Michael holds the pet while Genevieve performs the trim.


Before cleaning


After cleaning

Many pets need regular dental cleaning to give them a happy and painfree long life.
Here at the clinic we prefer to do dental procedures while the pet is sedated. So our Nurse Michael monitors the
anesthesia while Genevieve performs the mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning.

Dental problems can be very painful so that preventive and regular maintenance is recommended.

At a castration operated there through so small an entrance hole as possible. When the operation is finished, shut down the small hole with internal stitches. Which means that it is no longer necessary with collar or other annoying bandages.
The only visible sign when the coat has grown back out, is that the scrotum takes up less space.

The operation is supervised by our nurse Michael, who during the whole operation shall ensure that the dog is sedated in the best possible way. After surgery gets wounded lasered in order to speed up the healing process.